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When we plan to establish contact with a business partner – it is good to know what team of people we will be dealing with. We are interested in their way of thinking and the principles they follow. MOKATE strives to make things transparent for its partners. Here we present the rules of conduct that apply in our company. They are presented to job candidates, and are also instilled in all employees in their daily work. We think that to good effect. The basic priority, binding in contracts with the market environment, is expressed in a short sentence presented on a plaque placed at the entrance to the Management Board’s offices: “We want the customers to come back to us, not the products.”

We also care about the environment. However, in addition to developing a good internal policy in the area of environmental protection, we strive to reach a deeper integration of the principles of sustainable development with key organisational procedures such as customer service, the development of new products and investment policy.


Work with us!

Mokate is an ideal place for ambitious, enthusiastic people looking for inspiration in their professional development, for whom gaining professional experience is a great motivation to work and personal satisfaction.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Mokate Group has been present in the life of both the local community and residents of other regions of Poland for years.

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