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The Mokate Group is one of the few Polish companies that may boast a multi-generation tradition.

It goes back to the year 1900 when the members of the Mokrysz family became the owners of a colonial shop in the small place of Dobra in today’s Czech Republic. In 1990 the grandson of the first owner, Kazimierz Mokrysz, handed the company over to his wife, Teresa Mokrysz. It was then that the company changed its name to Mokate which is an acronym of three words: MOkrysz-KAzimierz-TEresa.

Today the Mokate Group is comprised of several enterprises operating in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, United Kingdom, South Africa and Dubai which export their products to nearly all the countries in the world. The company has three production plants, in Ustroń, Żory, and Votice in the Czech Republic. The revenues of Mokate amount to nearly 1,5 billion zlotys per annum, and 80% of those revenues originate in the foreign markets. The company employs about 1500 persons all over the world. The best-known brands in the Mokate portfolio are: LOYD, Mokate, NYCoffee, Just a Minute, Marila, Marizzi, Alpino and Grandma’s Tea.

Mokate is currently associated not only with dynamic export, innovative products and effective battle for consumers all over the world. The company is still a family enterprise, which is of great value to the whole brand. The family nature of the company is visible predominantly in the internal relations; whole families, even several generations, work at Mokate. Moreover, it is a family company in the literal sense, as, apart from the founders, the managers of Mokate Group consists of the fourth generation of Mokrysz family: Adam Mokrysz (CEO of Mokate Group), his wife Katarzyna (General Manager of Mokate Group) and Sylwia Mokrysz (Proxy of Mokate SA). The company is actively present among family companies in Poland and abroad (IBR Poland, the Family Businesses Institute).

350 mln EUR INCOME






Teresa Mokrysz – Founder

Teresa Mokrysz transformed a small family company into the international Mokate Group, which is made up of several companies in Europe and Asia. She has created the “MOKATE” brand, which today is one of the most recognisable symbols of Polish business in the world. Thanks to many years of investments, Mrs Mokrysz transformed Mokate into one of the leading Polish food producers, focusing on coffees, teas, as well as supplementary confectionery products and semi-finished products for the food industry. She built the production plants in Ustroń and Żory from scratch, expanded and modernised the Mokate plant in the Czech Republic. Mrs Mokrysz has set a priority for quality and innovation, consistently implementing a strategy focused on export, ensuring a growing share of Mokate products on the markets in all the continents.

Teresa Mokrysz maintains the traditional values of a family business based solely on Polish capital. Her many titles include the title of “The Most Entrepreneurial Woman in the World”, awarded by the International Women’s Entrepreneurship Foundation in Los Angeles. She has received a number of prestigious decorations and awards, including the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland.

She actively participates in the social and economic life of the country. Mrs Mokrysz is interested in the practice and theory of management and economics. She completed MA studies at the University of Economics. She has been a member of the Polish Business Council for many years and is a patron of many projects in the sphere of culture and science. Mrs Mokrysz financially supports the functioning of health care facilities, nursing homes and schools.

Adam Mokrysz – CEO Mokate Group

Adam Mokrysz is a Polish entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. The son of Teresa and Kazimierz Mokrysz, the founders of Mokate. PhD of economics, CEO of the Mokate Group. Expert in the field of business in the FMCG industry.

Adam Mokrysz is a graduate of Management and Marketing at the University of Economics in Katowice. At the same University he obtained a PhD in management science. He has a diploma at the University of London in the field of foreign trade. He also completed prestigious postgraduate studies IMD-AEDP – Accelerated Executive Development Program at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland.

Successor and leader of the Mokate family business. He is responsible for the development of new business directions of a family enterprise, creates  his strategy and international identity. Initiates and conducts activities aimed at further expansion of the Mokate brand throughout the world. For over 20 years , he has been pursuing business in the family business. Author and creator of key achievements of the company. He gained practical knowledge about the company by working at various levels of the organization- from the basics functions, through the position of the marketing manager and managing the most important coffee brands. Then he became an export manager, and after success in the foreign expansion of the company – the managing director of the Export Department. During this position, he introduced Mokate to the international leader of Polish exporters of the food market. On January 1, 2016 he became the President of the Mokate Group.

Privately, husband of Katarzyna Mokrysz and father of three children Teresa, Kazimierz and Adam. It actively supports the development of local communities and education. As a chess enthusiast, he is actively involved in spreading the popularity of chess among children and teenagers. Founder of The Mokate chess Academy. Fan of table tennis, basketball and diving.

Sylwia Mokrysz – Proxy

Proxy and member of the Management Board of Mokate SA in Ustroń. She has made LOYD one of the top Polish tea brands and has led it to the forefront of many markets in Europe, Asia and Africa. She has gained prestigious membership in the London Tea History Association for the Loyd brand. Thanks to her efforts, the Minutka tea has become a domestic leader in its category. The competitive advantage of other Mokate tea brands, such as Babcia Jagoda and the whole range of functional teas, is also her merit. She is known as an efficient and demanding organiser of pro-quality activities and a consistent initiator of product innovations. The Mokate Group owes many distinctions, awards and prestigious titles to her. In the period which was crucial for the development of the company, she was leading the Advertising Agency “Sylwia”, implementing successful marketing campaigns for the flagship product – Mokate Cappuccino. The TV commercial of this drink has become part of the canon of national advertising art as the first entirely Polish production. A dozen more TV commercials created under her supervision have strengthened the position of Mokate as one of the major food producers in Poland.

She holds a doctoral degree in social sciences in the field of management and quality. Her scientific publications on marketing strategies are characterised by the boldness of thought and a significant degree of usefulness in business practice. She also engages in many initiatives outside her profession. She is an active participant of the women’s entrepreneurship movement, both in Poland and worldwide. She holds the title of “Polish Ambassador of Women’s Entrepreneurship”; in 2016, she represented our country at the “Women’s Entrepreneurship Day” in the UN headquarters in New York. She has been involved in the global project “Million Women Mentors”, which supports professional activation of women. Since 2014, she has been active in the Polish Network of Women Entrepreneurship, helping the organisation with her authority and experience.

Apart from her professional and social activity, she is passionate about photography (training at international workshops) and aviation (helicopter pilot course). She has gained recognition as a co-author of a widely read novel “Herbaciarz” [Tea seller] and she continues this type of literary work.


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The Mokate Group has been present in the life of both the local community and residents of other regions of Poland for years.

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