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Mokate is one of the largest family businesses in Central and Eastern Europe in the segment of food products 


Our products

EUR 350 million income

1500+ employees

73 countries

3 production plants

4 generation of Mokrysz family

80% export sale


Work with us!

Mokate is an ideal place for ambitious, enthusiastic people looking for inspiration in their professional development, for whom gaining professional experience is a great motivation to work and personal satisfaction.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Mokate Group has been present in the life of both the local community and residents of other regions of Poland for years.

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Current advertising campaigns

Mokate coffee beans

Mokate has launched a new image campaign for MOKATE coffee beans under the slogan “Cafe Racer MOKATE”.

Loyd tea

The world of Justyna Steczkowska’s music consists of excellent compositions, full of delicacy and magic, just like the aromatic compositions of Loyd teas.

Mokate Cappuccino

A joyful, dancing and colorful spot is supposed to evoke positive emotions and memories, but also introduces a new line of flavors to the market. All this in the spirit of the slogan of the campaign “Enjoy Life”.

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