MOKATE coffee beans

The range of coffee beans has been extended with 3 original coffee bean mixtures from Mokate, strengthening the position of the brand in this dynamically developing segment of the market. We believe that, thanks to their excellent flavour and top quality, they will win the hearts of the consumers and stay in their homes for a long time. The carefully selected beans come from the coffee berries ripening slowly on mountain-side plantations. The soil, weather and, above all, the knowledge and experience of plantation owners have great impact on taste and aroma. That is the reason why, when creating MOKATE coffees, we only cooperate with renowned plantations with long-term experience.

3in1 and 2in1 coffee mixes

Following the consumers’ preferences, we changed their recipes by adding finely ground coffee which enriched the flavour of our mixes, while retaining the valued mellow character of the beverage. Cutting edge packaging designs distinguish our mixes on the shop shelves. Everything a good coffee needs in one convenient pack! The new recipe with finely ground coffee brings out the flavour of fresh coffee.

MOKATE Cappuccino

“Mokate taught the Poles to drink cappuccino,” you cannot argue with this statement. Since the 1990s we have been manufacturing Mokate Cappuccino, a brand that is best recognised on the market and popular among the consumers. For years, it has been manufactured with passion, ideal for savouring moments of pleasure in your own unique way.


Marizzi is the quintessence of Italian taste and lifestyle. Our blends are a combination of the best coffee beans originating in the awarded Arabica and Robusta plantations. The beans are roasted in small batches so as to extract what is best in them, starting from flavour, through aroma, to the characteristic dark brown colour.


Craft Coffee Roaster is a new line of coffee beans slowly roasted in small batches in a specially designed roaster. The carefully selected coffee mixtures (with three roast standards) are characterised by balanced flavours tailored to various tastes and various brewing methods. Marila Craft Coffee Roaster coffees respond to the trend of craft coffees roasted by small roasters.


Tea is a magical and mysterious beverage that has been enticing emotions for ages. It is associated with the culture of enjoying flavour and fragrance, a way to get away from the busy everyday life, a path to relaxation, regeneration and a new dose of energy. WHAT LOYD believes in is taste built on quality. The hot and fragrant brew tells a story ... about passion for cultivating tea and harvesting the best leaves, up to the joy of creating the fullest and most unique flavours encapsulated in the LOYD tea pyramid bags. The love for the most sophisticated compositions pushes us to look for new sensations so that tea does not only enrich everyday meals but also bring to mind wonderful moments, stories and landscapes from the furthest corners of the world.


Tea connects people, helps them enjoy the moment, improve their relations and celebrate unique experiences together. Every moment spent together with our family at the table is a pleasure which has been accompanied by the unchanging taste of the Minutka tea over the years. Unique flavours of black, green and fruit teas are created to deliciously spend the time with the people we love. 

Babcia Jagoda

Babcia Jagoda teas offer traditional flavours filled with the aroma of fruit and herbs, as if they came straight from grandma’s orchard. The juicy flavours and the exquisite mixtures of fruit and herbs result from inspirations drawn from nature itself. Every sip of the brew is like a small instance of pleasure invoking the most beautiful memories. 

Caffetteria Mokate

High-quality ingredients, perfect taste and elegant packaging are the elements that make up this line of delectables in which every cookie lover will find something specially for them. Collections of cookies with chocolate, butter and nuts. White chocolate or raspberries may decorate any table.

Hi Easy

Hi Easy Wafers is a line of full-flavoured wafers, delicately coated with milk chocolate. These wafers are a perfect snack or a welcome addition to your afternoon coffee. You can enjoy them in three flavors: chocolate, milk and nut.

Mokate Ingredients

Since 2000 we have been producing beverage creamers, foamers for cappuccino, fat-milk concentrates and topping bases. Mokate is also the largest Polish manufacturer of instant coffee beverages and teas. We sell our semi-finished products in over 60 countries around the world. Especially appreciated on the European market are Mokate foaming agents, that is exquisite cappuccino bases, providing an exceptionally stable foam.